Toner Talk with Trudy, Part 3 – Printers and Their Ink

The neatest thing about owning a specialty store is that your customers like to talk about their needs and give feedback regarding the printers they own or want.  Of course, my specialty is supplying every possible product that will fit into an inkjet or laser printer. I primarily want to see my customers purchase printers that are right for them.  I want to tell you what I have learned about inkjet printers; mainly because nearly everyone owns one, and I garner a ton of information (good and bad) quizzing my customers when they stop in to purchase cartridges.

The first thing is to beware of is when you are offered a “printer bundle package,” (a free printer with your new computer), you can count on the cartridges being extremely expensive. Instead of a printer, take an upgrade in software or memory that does not get thirsty for ink a few weeks later. If the printer is a “bargain”… the ink most likely will be a rip-off of epic proportions.

I won’t mention their name, but their initials are HP and here is a good story about the “bargain”….

A customer of ours purchased three HP inkjet printers at about $20 each just for the cartridges that came with the printers. He knew darn well that the ink would run twice the price of the printer.  This is a little extreme, but creative nonetheless.

If you are printing recipes, emails, kids’ homework and a few photos, a $100 printer will suit your needs just fine.  But watch out, there are two very different $100 printers out there.

One style printer popular since the invention of inkjet printers is the printer requiring two cartridges.  You buy a black cartridge and a tri-color cartridge.  We routinely refill these, so I know exactly how much ink gets squished into that tiny sponge filled box with three colors.  Folks, it’s not much.  Newer versions are even built to look like older models, but are effectively hollowed out to reduce the amount of ink that can be replaced.  I think this could not be more dumb! I know what ink cost and few more drops would not break the bank for Canon or Lexmark or HP.  I also think it is an absolute crime that printer manufacturers present you with a new

printer and their lame excuse of what they call “starter cartridges”.  All these cartridges do is get you started, and then you start your car to buy the full size version that are still woefully low when it comes to page production!

I have also encountered products made now that cannot stand up to the rigors of refilling nor will they read in your printer a second time due to firmware that kills the electronics on these little inkjets.
In case I have not made myself perfectly clear, I am not a fan of the two- cartridge inkjet system.  I also know the attention span of a reader. So let us revisit soon and I shall let you in on the printers I do think make economical and practical sense.

If you cannot wait to hear the ending, feel free to call me at 972 548 9393. I can speak more frank with you and not get sued.

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